Josh Hughes is a researcher at Lancaster University. His research focuses on the legality of autonomous weapon systems (AWS), commonly referred to as ‘killer robots’. His research considers: how AWS are covered, and their use governed, by international law; legalities of historical and contemporary situations of automated killings by militaries; legal issues specific to AWS; and who is accountable for AWS actions when things go wrong. His blog is:

Mike Ryder (M.J. Ryder) is a researcher at Lancaster University. His project explores the intersection between literature and philosophy, with a particular focus on American science fiction published during the Vietnam War. His interests include biopolitics, sovereignty, war and military ethics. His website is:

Ben Goldsworthy is a graduate of Lancaster University currently working within the cyber security field. His interests include the development of the Law of Armed Conflict to cover non-human and non-physical warfare, as well as the development of cyber-resilient institutions through radical schemes such as Estonia’s ‘data embassies’. His website is: