Autonomy in Future Military and Security Technologies: Implications for Law, Peace, and Conflict

Three members of our group, along with other colleagues, took part in an international workshop at the Universitat de Barcelona in February 2017 titled ‘Sense and Scope of Autonomy in Emerging Military and Security Technologies’. Coming out of this, a compendium of research papers has been put together in order offer a contribution to discussions at the Group of Governmental Experts meeting on Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems at the United Nations Office at Geneva 13th-17th November 2017.

This compendium of articles is due to be published by the Richardson Institute at Lancaster University, UK. Due to technical reasons, the report is provisionally being hosted here in order that delegates at the GGE, and those interested in the subject of lethal autonomous weapon systems, may read the works whilst discussions in Geneva are taking place.

The compendium contains:

Formal presentation of the compendium

Milton Meza-Rivas, Faculty of Law at the University of Barcelona, Spain.

Some Insights on Artificial Intelligence Autonomy in Military Technologies

Prof. Dr Maite Lopez-Sanchez, Coordinator, Interuniversity Master in Artificial Intelligence, University of Barcelona, Spain

Software Tools for the Cognitive Development of Autonomous Robots

Dr. Pablo Jiménez Schlegl, Institute of Robotics & Industrial Informatics, Spanish National Research Council, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain

What is Autonomy in Weapon Systems, and How Do We Analyse it? – An International Law Perspective

Joshua Hughes, University of Lancaster Law School and the Richardson Institute, Lancaster University, UK

Legal Personhood and Autonomous Weapons

Dr Migle Laukyte, Department of Private Law, University Carlos III of Madrid.

A Note on the Sense and Scope of ‘Autonomy’ in Emerging Military Weapon Systems and Some Remarks on the Terminator Dilemma

Maziar Homayounnejad, Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London, UK


The compendium is available here: Richardson Institute – Autonomy in Future Military and Security Technologies Implications for Law, Peace, and Conflict

A courtesy translation of the introduction which presents the articles is available here (in Spanish): Translation of the compendium presentation text in Spanish